Tax Knowledge


Most Common Reasons The IRS Would Audit You

(6 minute read)

While your odds of not being audited are very high, there are a few factors that make you extra susceptible to it. What are your chances of being audited? What makes the IRS look closer at your tax return? Find out now.


What Happens if I File My Taxes Late 2022?

(5 minute read)

Despite the massive amount of taxes the IRS is busy processing at the moment, they will notice if yours is late. What happens if you’re late filing your taxes this year?


What Tax Documents Do I Need to Save?

(5 minute read)

How far back should you be saving tax documents? What tax documents should you be saving? Does it matter if you save the electronic or paper version? Find out now.


Newly Weds: Should You File Your Taxes Jointly or Separately?

(6 minute read)

The answer: most likely you should file jointly. But there are a few situations where continuing to file separately saves you more money. Should you file taxes jointly or separately? Read on to see what suits your circumstances.

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