Setting up one year, two-year and 5-year goals

Setting up one year, two-year and 5-year goals

One of the most important things in life is to always have a goal and commit to it. Goals allow us to stay focused on an idea, helping you get the best results. In this article we are going to show you how to set up goals for the short, (1 year and 2 years), and long term, (5 years). The process will be similar for each time period; however you need to note that for 1 or 2-year goals you should opt for simpler goals that will help you achieve your long term goals.

Identify the meaningful long term goals

This is where you need to align your values and dreams as that’s how you can get a good insight into what you want. Usually, the short term goals for 1-2 years would be to finish college and either move onward with your studies or just find work based on your studies.
Long term goals over 5 years and longer, you should focus on important aspects of your life, such as education, finances, family and career. You will have to write all these goals down and place them in a list based on their priority. Some of them are more important when compared to others, but try to list them properly and make sure that you don’t leave any of them behind.

Split the long term goals into multiple short term ones

You can’t do everything at once, that’s a given. Create an action plan. This will allow you to view the long term goals and the steps that you need to perform in order to get there. Each step will bring you one step closer to your goals.
What you will need here is a sense of self-confidence, self-efficacy and self-control. Do not quit. There will be times when the goal will seem so far ahead, you will be enticed to quit. This is why short term goals are important. Use them like stepping stones to make it easier to see where you are going and what progress you have already made.

Be organized

Read your goals often. Keep them fresh in your mind and heart.
Sometimes goals change or are re-prioritized. That’s okay. Keep your goals current and up to date with your changing life or work plans.
Having goals in life makes you powerful and offers you better control. You can’t get anywhere new without a road map. Your goals are your desired destination and your action plan is the map that will get you there!